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Photo 19 Aug 38 notes Manga Studio + Photoshop pin-up of an Orca based mermaid! Finished this :D
Available on Inprnt, Society6, and Redbubble!
Photo 19 Aug 63 notes Played with Manga Studio while on a little adventure/impromptu overnight vacation :3 Might play with this a little more but I wanted to share it like this too.

Played with Manga Studio while on a little adventure/impromptu overnight vacation :3 Might play with this a little more but I wanted to share it like this too.

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makiishimachan said: The most noticeable thing about your style is how soft your lines and faces look (which is rlly cute btw) and your awesome monster designs!


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misswires said: RE: Noticeable things in your art style aaahh how -soft- everything looks, mostly! And then how ghastly some of the creatures you draw can be or how sharp some of the body-types you've drawn are - the contrast between the two and how you can make any monster seem elegant and loveable are sort of staples of yours. You make every body and every face look beautiful, and they have a sort of weight and softness to them that makes them look tangible. I really love all of your work!

eeee I’m glad my work is tangible - I love trying to give things weight (or… not in the case of hair sometimes… lol) thank you!!!

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grimandstickmod said: Noticeable thing about your art style... From my perspective, I'd have to say that it's how smooth the characters look. Not smooth as in baby's skin, especially for the hair-covered characters, but smooth like flowing molasses... It's difficult to describe, but your characters look like they'd move fluidly at any speed, if you watched them you'd see the muscles moving, skin stretching where and when it needs to... Like a hunter stalking its prey.

this is such a cool compliment!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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krovtymah said: It's how you draw faces! For me, at least. I really love it and I could probably recognize it anywhere. ;u;

aw thank you! :D

Text 16 Aug 23,415 notes what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



Aw, what the heck. If you have a moment and feel like it, please indulge me!

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omg I’m blushing. WELL I DIG WHAT YOU’RE DOING OF COURSE I’M GONNA FOLLOW YOU. And omg what are the odds you saw I was following you when you were wearing a landwhale shirt.

Also omg thank you for buying a landwhale shirt.

I am just all flustered and smiley at this how cute is this omg <XD don’t be nervous I’m just an awkward shy nerd ;p

Video 12 Aug 54 notes

I updated my landwhale file! I was able to crop CLOSER to the image for more pleasing t-shirts, stickers, and products!

Society 6 products (rugs, bags, clocks, t-shirts, pillows, etc!) HERE:


RedBubble products (t-shirts in more sizes and stickers):


AND if you want a print, please buy from my inprnt shop I get more profit from it!



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